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July 15, 2013
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Smurf OC Mutette by warriormoonnight Smurf OC Mutette by warriormoonnight
There's my new smurfette character called Mutette, she can't speak cause she had her voice taken away by an evil Witch who is known as her creator.

Story: Since after the evil witch called "Red Thorn" has created a smurfette for herself, she thinks her voice is so beautiful she couldn't stand it so she uses her magic to take away her voice & leaves the poor smurfette mute & silent.

After months have passed, Red Thorn didn't know what to do with the silent smurfette cause she knows that if she finds true love she'll have her voice back so she decides to abandon her in the forest. Red Thorn went out for a walk in the forest taking her smurfette along with her, she tells her that she needs some berries for her potions so she asks her to go pick some, the smurfette went to get some berries as Red thorn watches her leave & she makes a runs for it before she notices.

As the smurfette picked as many berries as her could, she went back & finds that Red Thorn is gone, she was so scared & confused, she didn't know what to do. "How could Red Thorn abandon me like this?" she thought, knowing that she can't talk. The smurfette really needed to find somewhere to sleep for the night before night time comes.
When night came she has finally found a cave to sleep, she slept well except that she finds it hard to sleep so she makes her own bed made out of leaves & soft feathers with help from some friendly animals. Then a beautiful morning has came, the smurfette thinks it's such a beautiful day today & she really does wish she could sing but she knew she couldn't so she decides sing in her head while dancing gracefully.

Then she was found by the smurflings who were playing in the forest & keeping their eyes out for Gargamel just before Sassette saw the smurfette dancing & went to get closer to her. Then the smurfette jumped abit when she saw Sassette & the smurflings, they asked her what was she doing in the forest but they notice that she couldn't speak & decides to bring her back to the village as she followed them knowing that they're not a threat to her.

In the smurf village, the smurfs were so surprised that the smurflings have brought back another smurfette in the village, Papa Smurf asked the smurflings of how they found the smurfette as they explained everything about how she couldn't speak so he kindly tells her that she can stay in the village for as long as she likes & the smurfette was so greatful to him.
In a couples of days, the smurfette has stayed in the village with a new house to live in, she finds the village very friendly & peaceful here, she made friends with Smurfette, Rosette, Rita & all of the other smurfs, the only smurf who she hasn't met is Emolette who sits on the rock all by herself but she feels sorry for her. The smurfs can see how mute the smurfette is so they decided to called her "Mutette" & Mutette liked her new name alot & she feels so scared that they'll never understand of what she's trying to say to them. So Papa Smurf asks his pixie friend Laconia to help Mutette talk in sign laugauge & she agrees before she made friends with Mutette & begin to teach her to talk in sign language but Papa Smurf stays to help Mutette understand of what Laconia is saying.
Mutette got the hang of talking in sign langauge & the smurf understands everything she says to them. Then Mutette notices one smurf who was friendly with her who likes music in the village known as "Harmony Smurf" he thinks she's the most beautiful silent smurfette in the whole village & Mutette felt like that no one has ever say anything so kind to her before & she spends alot of time with Harmony watching him blow his trumpet, it was off key so Mutette helps him out to blow the trumpet properly to make great music but they do hang out together in the forest when Gargamel is not around.

Then the next day, Mutette felt like something in her heart is telling her that she has found her match when she spends more time with Harmony so she decides to hang out in the forest daydreaming of her & Harmony being together forever, then she fell into a trap which is sent by Red Thorn who knows everything about Mutette falling in love with a smurf, not noticing that Grouchy, Rita & their children Jade & Rob has saw the whole thing before they ran back to the village to get help.
Red Thorn brought Mutette back to her house as she tied her up hanging above the boiling caudron filling with green goo as she tell her that she's going to destroy her with the hour glass runs out she'll fall in the cauldron which makes Mutette shiver with fear, hoping that Harmony will come to rescue her & bring her back to the village safe & sound.

After hearing the terrifling news of Mutette being kidnapped by an evil witch from Grouchy & Rita, Harmony was so shocked even Papa Smurf & all of the other smurfs. Harmony decide to rescue Mutette but he knows that he can't do it alone, Papa Smurf, Grandpa, Grouchy, Rita, Rosette, Clumsy, Brainy & Hefty volenteered to help recuse Mutette as they left the village.
At Red Thorn's place, the hour glass was only half empty, the smurfs climbed to a window then they saw Mutette hanging above the cauldron so they went over to her, Mutette was so glad to see them even Harmony & Papa Smurf uses his magic to untie Mutette & flow to Harmony as she hugs him. Red Thorn came to see what was going on before she saw the smurfs, she tried to catch them but they oversmarted her & mangage to get away.

Back at the village, every smurf was so glad that Mutette was back safe & sound. Mutette was so greatful to the smurfs for rescuing her even Harmony would never forget her when she's in trouble so he decides that he's not letting her out of his sight, not with that Witch Red Thorn around.

Will Mutette ever get her voice back? We may never know whent he time comes. :)

Please no mean comments.
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Mutette is quite pretty and she and Harmony make a cute couple.^_^  Just a tiny correction, though.  Laconia is a wood elf, not a pixie.

Well I'm glad that you think Harmony & Mutette make a cute couple & all but... She'll changed her name into Mustette when she gets her voice back from that the one who created her.

Yeah, thank for letting me know, I must have forgotten what kind of creature is. :shrug: :roll: 

Okay.^_^  Musette is a perfect name for her once she gets her voice back.  You're welcome.^_^
Thanks. :D I'm promise you that she will get her voice back. ;)
You're welcome.^_^  That's great.^_^
ArzaldaxEmanks Jul 15, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
Awesome!!! Love Mutette looks a little like Witchette, only Witchette has wild, unkept hair and Mutette's is straight and well brushed. :) (Smile) 

Why thank you. :aww:


Yeah, Mutette does a little abit like Witchette except that her raven hair is long & straight cause I made it this way.

ArzaldaxEmanks Jul 16, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
Your welcome ^^ 

Yeah and Witchette's hair is unevenly cut at the ends and all messed up.

I'm sure her hair will be nice & silky when she gets her hair washed. :)


I do hope the new smurf pictures I put up on my gallery will help give you some new ideas. 

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